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Sporting Services

Our bespoke and customisable service offers a choice of stunning venues, accommodation, loader, driver, gun hire and instruction so you can enjoy your shoot day.

At Swift Valley Sporting we proudly provide a fully bespoke and customisable service whether it be a day on one of the quintessentially British sporting estates shooting pheasants or partridge, or a fast and furious day shooting driven grouse on some of the most sought after British estates swift valley sporting will have you covered do not hesitate to get in touch to plan your next sporting adventure.

Our experienced team will arrange everything from flight’s, bespoke accommodation packages, gun hire shooting permits and the perfect loaders to match the client at swift valley we are devoted to go above and beyond to insure you have the best day to remember.

Shooting instruction

At swift valley sporting we pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality and expert tuition to fully tailor your lesson to what you need,  as a team we understand that everyone is different when it come’s to learning and we will accommodate your needs as a client.

In field instruction

The majority of the time people can often break every clay that is fired at them but there isn’t many people that have the same confidence when it comes to shooting live quarry this is where swift valley sporting excels, we will help you create a direct correlation between your performance at the ground and your performance in the fields with a team of highly trained coaches/loaders to ensure you get the best out of your day and they will always go above and beyond to make sure you hit your target every time .

Gun fit

The importance of a well fitted gun cannot be over looked. A well fitted gun in itself will require less adaption from your body to achieve a good shot, which in itself will improve your natural ability to shoot. in order to correctly fit a gun, we would use what is called a try-gun without this tool it would be impossible to achieve the perfect fit for you!

Our experienced gun fitter has spent more than two decades working for a leading British gun manufacturer who has a wealth of knowledge which is imperative for measuring you correctly.

Gun fit in itself is one of the most commonly overlooked factors in shooting, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team to arrange a one to one gun fit session.

Driver loading

We have a team of trusted and qualified in field instructors and loaders from around the country that will go above and beyond to insure the stress of your day is alleviated and you can fully relax and enjoy your day’s shooting, whether it’s double gunning on grouse or single gunning on the pheasant or supplying the cartridges, gun hire or sourcing luxury accommodation for your stay let swift valley help to insure your day is stress free.

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