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A memorable days shooting

At Swift Valley Sporting we understand the ingredients that make a successful shoot day. We have a selection of venues that we believe offer you all that a successful shoot day involves…  a mix of high and fast birds, great company and excellent hospitality, that, paired with stunning surroundings you will have an unforgettable experience and a memorable day.



We have venues throughout the UK, offering some superb shooting from the challenge of grouse or snipe, to pheasants and partridges. Having the knowledge and experience of these, we can recommend a venue that can match your ability and challenge you. 



Selecting venues that provide the ability to adapt to the conditions on the day and provide a variety of sport for Guns of all abilities.

We offer days from 75 brace /  100 bird upwards with a mixed bag throughout the game season, please contact Jamie or George for further details.




Swift Valley Sporting are offering a bespoke service and tailored with the add on services to create a day that offers some of the best shooting , spot on hospitality and a friendly and welcoming day. If you are looking for that something special, give Jamie or George a call.

George Huck

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Harborough Fields Farm
Churchover, Nr Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0ER

Jamie Carnegie

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The finest driven shooting across the UK